June - July 2022


Micro800 Control Systems

Flexible and Customizable Micro Control Solutions for Your Standalone Machines


  • The Allen-Bradley Micro800™ Control Systems are easy to install and maintain. One software package applies to the entire family. These systems offer just enough control for your lower-cost, stand-alone machines. You can buy only the functionality you need, and use plug-in modules to personalize your system for specific application needs.

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PanelView Plus 7 Transition to Series B


The PanelView Plus 7 Performance Series B HMI terminals are now shipping and feature new functions, including Windows 10 IOT operating system for enhanced user acceptance and information security. Some functionality in the Series A product is not yet available in Series B and will be added in future releases.

Care using the exception process. Existing and incoming orders will be fulfilled with Series B units unless the seller or distributor executes the exception process.

Some functionality in the Series A product is not yet available in Series B and will be added in future releases. Review the details so you can validate with customers if the Series B product is suitable for their application. If only a Series A product will suffice, engage RA Customer Care using the exception process.

Migrate MicroLogix 1100 & 1200 to Micro 870

Why Upgrade or Migrate?

The MicroLogix™ 1100 and MicroLogix 1200 controllers have been valuable products in our Allen-Bradley controller portfolio for over two decades. Along with industry-leading reliability for the products, protecting our customers' automation investments is why manufacturers have selected over 2 million MicroLogix controllers to run their industrial processes.

As market needs of industry and application requirements have evolved, and as available technology improved, we have introduced the Micro800® controller platform with expanded capabilities. This newer control system offers greater features and superior performance.


Smart Devices

With greater requirement for production and machine information, comes the need for industrial grade smart devices. Smart devices are integral components for smart machines and are the first step to capture operational data. These smart devices help enable you to make smarter, more informed decisions.

React less and plan more with better information and insights. Allen‑Bradley smart devices deliver the information you need to take action—and fast! Whether it’s easily identifying where a problem has occurred or advanced notification before one puts a stop to your production, our portfolio of smart devices lays the foundation for smart manufacturing. Smart starts here.

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