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November-December 2020


SLC-500 to CompactLogix 5380 Control System Migration

It’s time to step forward to newer technology. The SLC 500 control system migration is part of the proactive modernization plan we have for you. Discover how modernizing your legacy automation can help you optimize productivity and stay ahead in today’s demanding market environment.

The SLC™ 500 control system migration is part of the proactive modernization plan we have for you. Modernizing your legacy automation system helps you achieve better system performance, capacity, productivity, and security to meet the growing demands of smart machines and equipment for manufacturing.

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MagneMover LITE Intelligent Conveyor System
Fast, Controlled, Flexible Motion


iTRAK and MagneMotion solutions are the next step in motion control, eliminating the rotary driven chains, belts and gears of the past. It replaces mechanics with simple, effective software profiles redefining speed and flexibility in automation.

Independent Cart Technology and MagneMotion are today’s solution for motion control challenges, providing flexibility while enhancing performance significantly. Intelligent Conveyor Technology gives machine designers the opportunity to design a ‘pitchless’ machine that can be easily adjusted to your specific application.

Increased line speed and flexibility – better value all round The best value a machine builder can provide is to improve the process that their machine executes. iTRAK and MagneMotion free the machine designer from the constraints of mechanical cam design so that they can focus on the process, the programming, and game-changing innovation.

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Safety Switches

Safety Switches are designed and built to global standards for high reliability, stability, and quality

Allen-Bradley® Guardmaster® safety switches from Rockwell Automation® help protect personnel and equipment by providing physical interlocking of guard doors and equipment, allowing access to potentially hazardous areas only when the area is safe.

Built to global standards for high reliability, stability and quality, Allen-Bradley Guardmaster safety switches are ideally suited for applications where personnel safety is a priority. Our innovative products help protect your people, machinery and environment while maximizing uptime.


Machine and Equipment Builders

Industrial Control System Design and Engineering Solutions

You are challenged to differentiate yourself amidst global competition and rapidly evolving technology. Your customers demand innovative solutions that increase business agility, optimize productivity, and achieve sustainability objectives. All of this, while they look for every way possible to lower their total cost of ownership.

We can help improve your performance to lower the Total Cost to Design, Develop, and DeliverSM machinery and meet customer requirements. Our industrial control system design and engineering solutions help you:

  • Define value beyond machine and equipment costs

  • Maximize performance

  • React quickly to change

  • Increase profits

  • Innovate and attract new customers.

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