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    ICSystems SA is launching a monthly Special Offer which will be repeated every month with different products from various manufacturers that  IC Systems SA represents in Greece.

For the months of April - May 2017 ICSystems SA is offering the new Rockwell Automation Micro820 Programmable Logic Controller at a very low and affordable price.

Products Included with Offer

2080-LC20-20QWB - Controller, 12 24V DC Inputs, 4 configurable analog input with thermistor voltage reference out, 7 Relay Output, 1 Analog Output, Embedded Ethernet Port and RS-232/485 non-isolated Serial port, Embedded RTC, MicroSD Card support, 2 Plug-In slots



Above item is offered at a remarkable price of:


Bulletin 2080 Micro820 Programmable Logic Controller Systems


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