FactoryTalk Linx is our premier communication platform providing a single access point to your control system data. FactoryTalk Linx enables seamless access and high performance communication with your plant floor devices and enables 3rd party application access with an OPC interface. RSLinx also enables connectivity for older systems with an OPC interface and permits multiple users with Rockwell Automation design software to bridge through a central workstation to shared access to control equipment.  Based upon your system architecture, performance requirements, and 3rd party access needs, select the communications software that is right for you.

FactoryTalk Linx/RSLinx

Use FactoryTalk Linx and RSLinx Classic with Rockwell Automation software to browse the network and communicate with compatible devices. Enable access to control system data for other software via an OPC communications interface.

FactoryTalk Linx / RSLinx


Use RSNetWorx to quickly define and configure the devices on your network through a simple software interface. Use offline using drag and drop operations or online by using RSLinx to browse a ControlNet or DeviceNet network