Industrial Motors

Our Industrial Motors are high quality and stand up to exceptional conditions such as the extreme thermal and electrical demands of low-speed high-torque applications. We have a wide selection of general-purpose and vector motors with NEMA Premium Efficient designs and optimum variable speed performance and service life. We also have durable motors for use in harsh environments.

General purpose

General Purpose Motors are available in a wide range of enclosures, including TENV, TEFC, ODP, and DPG, and power ranges from fractional to 400 Hp. These motors can be used with a variable frequency drive or across the line for most applications in a non-severe duty environment.

CM103 Totally Enclosed
CM107 Open Enclosure
CM220 Economical Totally Enclosed

Harsh Environement

Harsh environment motors are built to withstand challenges such as water and food processing applications. TENV and TEFC enclosure ratings are available across a wide range of horsepowers from fractional to 350 hp. These motors can be used with a variable frequency drive or across the line.

CM111 Severe-Duty
CM112 IEEE 841 AC Motors
CM115 Washdown-Duty
CM118 Stainless-Steel
CM211 NEMA Severe-Duty Inverter
CM212 NEMA Severe-Duty IEEE 841
CM224 Explosion-Proof Inverter

Vector Control

Vector control variable speed motors are built specifically for inverter and vector duty applications with constant torque capability to zero speed. Multiple enclosure ratings and horsepower ranging from ¼ to 1000 hp are available. These motors are used with variable frequency drives only.

CM201 Enclosed Small
CM202 Enclosed NEMA Frame
CM203 Vector-duty AC Motors
CM221 NEMA Frame Enclosed Inverter-Duty
CM222 NEMA Frame Inverter-Duty
CM227 NEMA Frame Inverter with Brake