PowerFlex 755T Overview

Our PowerFlex 755T drives are designed to provide harmonic mitigation, regeneration, and common bus solutions that help reduce energy costs, add flexibility, and increase productivity. These are the first drives to offer TotalFORCE technology which uses several patented features that were developed to help optimize your system.

PowerFlex 755T Overview

Your investment is significant. The application is crucial, and improving productivity is essential. You need to find the right AC drive to help optimize assets and make good use of valuable time to achieve your goals. That is why we developed the PowerFlex 755T drives. These new additions to the PowerFlex family have been built to help you save time, reduce costs, and keep your machine up and running.

PowerFlex 755TL

Our PowerFlex 755TL drives provide harmonic mitigation and power factor correction through the use of active front end technology. By reducing the adverse effects of harmonic distortion, the drives help to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy costs and minimize power distribution issues on the factory floor.

PowerFlex 755TR

Our PowerFlex 755TR drives feature built-in regeneration capability that helps decrease energy consumption by delivering regenerative energy from motors back to the incoming supply. Line regeneration reduces the need for braking resistors and associated cooling equipment and helps avoid wasteful dissipation of energy.

PowerFlex 755TM

Our PowerFlex 755TM Drive Systems allow you to select from a series of predesigned configurations for common bus supplies and common bus inverters to optimize your system design and power consumption.