FactoryTalk Historian

Data At Your Fingertips

FactoryTalk Historian establishes a reliable foundation for capturing the data you need to improve operations. This suite of software products meets your needs for a single machine (FactoryTalk Historian Machine Edition) to a plant-wide system (FactoryTalk Historian Site Edition). It also extends across your global enterprise using our Global Enterprise Historian Strategy. Powerful reporting and trending tools provide critical insight into performance parameters and are available at high speed and full resolution for any control system or human-machine interface (HMI) software.

Data management and Reporting for effective Manufacturing intelligence

Managing your data is not just about collecting data, but looking at the "right" data in your systems and creating reports that provide effective decision making information for productivity improvements. Learn how to create a system that works for your needs and can provide immediate results.

Let Your Data Work For You

FactoryTalk Historian Site edition

With FactoryTalk Historian Site Edition you can collect critical time-series data for various calculations, estimations, and statistical processes producing information to benefit a multitude of enterprise-wide processes and applications.

Data Capture, Summary To Details

FactoryTalk Historian Machine edition

FactoryTalk Historian Machine Edition, embedded in the backplane, gives you faster data collection and reduced configuration costs.

Machine-Level Historian For Harsh Environments