Servo Motors

Servo Motors include a broad portfolio of Rotary Motors and Linear Motors. Our rotary motors comprise several series including the VP Low-inertia motors, the MP-Series of stainless steel, food grade, medium-inertia and low-inertia options, and the HPK-Series High-Power motors. Our linear motors include the LDC-Series and LDL-Series with no-wear. The servo motor families offer Smart Motor Technology to provide automatic identification of correct motor-to-drive connectivity.

Kinetix Cables

Bulletin 2090 Kinetix Cables are a complete family of standard and continuous flexing cables, equipped with SpeedTEC DIN connectors for a quick, one-quarter turn connection. Securely connect your servo motors and actuators with these cables, which have been certified to the latest global standards including tray cable rating, exposed run rating, IP67 rating, DESINA, and UL. Kinetix cables are designed to work in any of your challenging motion applications - simplifying your machine design and helping you minimize maintenance time.

Linear Servo Motors

Our Bulletin LDC-Series and LDL-Series Linear Servo Motors provide precise linear positioning at very high speeds. Direct Drive linear motors are connected directly to the payload that needs to be moved. This direct connection provides excellent servo responsiveness, resulting in faster settling time for any move. The LDL-Series has an ironless design for applications that require extremely smooth motion such as scanning or printing. The LDC-Series has an iron core design with high force density, which is used with smaller, less expensive motors.

Rotary Motors

Our Rotary Servo Motors meet the demanding requirements of high-performance motion systems. The VP Low-inertia motors connect to the Kinetix 5500 servo drive and require only a single cable for providing feedback, motor brake, and motor power. The MP-Series includes low-inertia, medium-inertia, food-grade and stainless steel motors. The HPK-Series motors offer rapid acceleration and deceleration. The F-Series medium-inertia motors support applications that require smooth movement of large loads. The TL-Series low-inertia motors are compact with a power-dense design.

Kinetix VP Servo Motors
MP-Series Servo Motors
RDD-Series Direct Drive
TL-Series Compact
Kinetix 6000M Integrated Drive-motor Systems
HPK-Series High-Power