Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Bulletin 1609 uninterruptible power supplies are designed specifically for industrial applications. They meet worldwide industrial and general purpose application requirements up to 10 kVA. These units are globally certified to provide backup AC power to bridge dips, sags, or brief line power losses.

1609-B Industrial

The Bulletin 1609-B Industrial Uninterruptible Power Supplies feature the rugged industrial design and performance of the 1609-D line, without the networking and expandable battery features. They are DIN rail mountable or back-of-panel mountable and can handle temperatures up to 50 °C (122 °F) with optional battery.

1609-D Industrial Networking

The Bulletin 1609-D family of Industrial Uninterruptible Power Supplies is designed for industrial applications. These power supplies include remote control features and operate inside control panels used in production environments.

1609-P Industrial Tower

Bulletin 1609-P Industrial Uninterruptible Power Supplies feature powerful high density double conversion on-line UPSs for the industrial environment. These units are typically assembled in a tower configuration and installed outside of a control panel.