Harsh Environment

Harsh environment motors are built to withstand challenges such as water and food processing applications. TENV and TEFC enclosure ratings are available across a wide range of horsepowers from fractional to 350 hp. These motors can be used with a variable frequency drive or across the line.

CM111 Severe-Duty

Bulletin CM111 Severe Duty Motors are AC motors, 3/4...700 Hp.

CM112 IEEE 841 AC Motors

Bulletin CM112 IEEE 841 Motors are AC motors, 1/4...400 Hp.

CM115 Washdown-Duty

Bulletin CM115 Washdown Duty Motors are totally enclosed AC motors, 1/2...15 Hp.

CM118 Stainless-Steel

Bulletin CM118 Stainless Steel Motors are enclosed washdown AC motors, 1/2...15 Hp.

CM211 NEMA Severe-Duty Inverter

Bulletin CM211 Severe Duty Motors are NEMA Premium AC motors, 3/4...700 Hp.

CM212 NEMA Severe-Duty IEEE 841

Bulletin CM212 IEEE 841 Motors are NEMA Premium severe duty AC motors, 1/4...400 Hp.

CM224 Explosion-Proof Inverter

Bulletin CM224 Explosion-Proof Motors are vector class encoder-capable AC motors, 1...20 Hp.