ControlNet Network

The ControlNet network is an open control network that meets the demands of real-time, high-throughput applications. ControlNet supports controller to controller interlocking and real-time control of I/O, drives and valves. It also provides control networking in discrete and process applications including high-availability applications.

ControlNet Connected Products

We offer a wide variety of ControlNet products for your applications. Products have either a built-in ControlNet interface, or connect to the ControlNet network via an optional communication interface module. We continue to support your real-time, high-throughput applications.

ControlNet Network Media

ControlNet Network Media and connection devices provide flexibility when designing your network. ControlNet coax cable is a low-loss, RG-6 quad-shield coaxial cable for typical installations. ControlNet fiber media lets you extend a segment of your network, provides immunity to electromagnetic interference (EMI), and allows installation in a hazardous location. We offer a variety of connectors, taps, terminators, repeaters, and tools for coax and fiber systems. Choose the cable type based on the application and or environment where your system is being installed.