Common Bus Power Supplies

Common Bus Power Supplies use a common rectifier to supply power to the DC bus for all the DC-AC inverters. Power-sharing on the DC bus increases the efficiency of applications where inverters are motoring while others in the same process are generating power. 

PowerFlex 20S SCR Bridge

Bulletin 20S SCR Bridge is a non-regenerative DC bus supply that supplies power to AC drives that have a common DC bus input. The supply converts incoming three-phase AC line voltage to a common DC bus voltage. You can configure this supply for stand-alone and master-slave applications.

PowerFlex 700AFE Regenerative

Bulletin 700AFE Active Front End (AFE) is a regenerative DC bus supply that supplies DC power to a line-up of AC drives that have a common DC bus input or a single common bus drive. The AFE allows regeneration to the AC power line and provides low harmonics to meet IEEE-519 requirements.